Wish list

New features and integrations are in the works based on this wishlist.
We'll prioritize ideas by vote count, so make your voice heard.
Vote and you'll get auto-updates on progress. 😎

  • Integrate with Pinchat.me

  • When using a custom trigger, "deeplink" directly into the corresponding helper (e.g. "signUp" or "watch video" opening...

  • FAQ & Link

    Answer your customers common questions and provide links to resources

  • Please allow an easy way to export as excel table the gathered form submission for a specific button

  • Opening up the CTA feature to a higher character count than 190. Preferred 250-300 characters.

  • It would be great if when needing to use an image, we can also link to an url if people click on that image.

  • Integrate with LiveCall.io to make fast callbacks with customers

  • Make an integration with Callpage.io.

  • Botgate AI

    Would be nice to see an integration with Botgate AI

  • www.voxer.com - instant messaging app, allow site visitors to send messages via Voxer to receive replies in their account

  • Socialnowa.io is an AppSumo product. Chat bot messenger for FB & IG messaging currently. Integration into this would be great. Thank you

  • Integrate with Vicodo

    Vicodo allows you to manage video calls and tickets from a widget on your website

  • Sendinblue chat

    Integration with the new Sendinblue chat

  • Built-in internal LiveChats Simple built-in LiveChat Inspirations: AnyChat https://docs.anychat.one/settings/livechats

  • Add getgist chat

    Add get gist chat https://getgist.com/?gclid=CjwKCAiAuOieBhAIEiwAgjCvcoZ5t4nAKz-IEf_hgC-laIQVcl6-Rq7hQTpFL00UFtUnaj0CKUS4xRoCvoIQAvD_BwE

  • https://board.support/ I d like to have Support Board integrated as one of the available chat scripts.

  • https://callback24.io/

  • On your own site boei.help, in your widget, a Youtube video immediately opens. Please add the option to use Vimeo instead. And please make the size...

  • Lets Connect widget

    Please add as a channel integration: https://www.letsconnect.at/

  • AI Chat

    The use of artificial intelligence for initial interaction, communication with the website visitor....

  • Hi Support, is it possible to give the "Unread Notification Badge" a custom color, as the standard color now is "red"? I have a...

  • With the new domain grouping feature, widgets cannot be copied across domains. This causes inconvenience to users who have multiple domains and need...

  • Put the system Boei in multiple websites with the same code

  • It would be amazing. if you could create a setting that enabled Boei to be fully expanded for a variable amount of seconds when the page loads. That...

  • Add functionality to the "autoshow upon page open" setting, allowing it to auto-collapse after a set number of seconds, similar to the...