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New integrations and features are being planned and built from this wish list.
We will look at the number of votes an idea have and prioritize based on that.
When you vote, you will get automatic emails to keep up to date about the progress 😎

  • I just noticed that if the widget is opened by the user before the CTA delay time the CTA still appears....

  • Separation of the Teams section in the Panel So that you can observe the buttons given to the subusers

  • It is enough that it will be displayed, I will read and close.

  • So that you can check who and what sent what directly in the panel.

  • Freshdesk integration

    Send contact form submissions to freshdesk using their api. https://developers.freshdesk.com/api/#create_ticket

  • BugBattle is back on AppSumo with a new name! I missed the original deal but now Gleam looks to be a pretty feature-rich option for users to report...

  • Apple Business Chat

    Integrate with Apple Business Chat.

  • Instead...

  • Not sure if I should be suggesting it here or to the Albato team. It's a relatively new automation tool, somewhat similar to Zapier and Pabbly. It's...

  • WP Amelia integration

    WP amelia (https://wpamelia.com/) is the most used plugin for booking inside the Wordpress ecosystem. Integrate your solution for a quick booking is a...

  • Integrate with (Usetiful)[https://www.usetiful.com/], a previous AppSumo deal, that provides user-onboarding and tips and tricks widgets. Would be...

  • Improve usage analytics. For example, allow more than 30 days of click interactions.

  • I like Joinchat very much. https://join.chat/en/ For example, see what happens when you click on the livechat icon. Could you get any ideas from it?

  • Integrate with Pinchat.me

  • When using a custom trigger, "deeplink" directly into the corresponding helper (e.g. "signUp" or "watch video" opening...

  • Please allow an easy way to export as excel table the gathered form submission for a specific button

  • Integrate with LiveCall.io to make fast callbacks with customers

  • Make an integration with Callpage.io.

  • Botgate AI

    Would be nice to see an integration with Botgate AI

  • Integration with Voxer

    www.voxer.com - instant messaging app, allow site visitors to send messages via Voxer to receive replies in their account

  • Socialnowa.io is an AppSumo product. Chat bot messenger for FB & IG messaging currently. Integration into this would be great. Thank you

  • Integrate with Vicodo

    Vicodo allows you to manage video calls and tickets from a widget on your website

  • Sendinblue chat

    Integration with the new Sendinblue chat

  • Change icon color

    Set custom color for the Boei widget icon. Workaround: You can upload a custom image and which was created with the color of your choice.

  • With the new domain grouping feature, widgets cannot be copied across domains. This causes inconvenience to users who have multiple domains and need...

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