White label login & improvements

🛠 Roadmap

Allow for a branded link (e.g. app.boei.help/login/abc) to log in to a subaccount.

Other white label improvements:

  • Reduce Boei name from admin pages.
  • Hide sub-users message: "Your account is a sub user of admin X . You need to be disconnected before you can create subusers"

1 year ago

Aksel Media Digital

is this customdomain included?

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Hi Ruben, with the White label feature, will a custom domain connection be integrated too, as it complements the whole of the White label feature?


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Hoi Ruben,
Is it also possible to change the text and logo in the mails that are send to the customer, when someone signs up for a newsletter?
Thanks, Nico

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Hi Nico, not yet, but it is a good request. Would recommend to vote on this item: https://feedback.boei.help/p/white-label-for-notifications-pITPkh

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Thank you for implementing our feedback Ruben, It is truly appreciated...we are looking forward to all improvements for the whitelabel platform.

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Ruben changed status to 🛠 Roadmap

1 year ago