Show/Hide options based on Device

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Ability to hide/show specific communication options based on device, there are certain contact methods better for mobile and others better on desktop (for example show sms option only on mobile).

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You now have the ability to display specific channels on desktop or mobile 🙌
This provides you the option to display SMS on mobile and a Call back form on desktop!

You also can test your widget directly for each device.

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Thanks for voting! We just moved this item to the roadmap 😀

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Would love to see this happen 😀

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I just came across this problem and was going to make the same request!
It would be great if every Helper had a "Optional" functionality to hide on specific devices.
We would specifically like to hide the Phone Direct Dial from desktop (as majority of this user base is older and will not have their computers connected to a phone, and this helper button could induce confusion)

Instead we would like to add an alternative Helper that shows only for desktop (and hides for mobile) such as Skype or even better the Call me Back widget.

This way we can assure we make contact more comfortable for both devices and maximize the conversions 😀

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Makes sense, that is how I thought about it as well 😀

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Synergetic SAS BIC

Adding to this feedback, i would suggest allowing the Call to action/ auto trigger to be shown/hidden for moble & desktop (i have one page where the CTA is long but looks fine on Desktop devices, but it's pretty intrusive and annoying in mobile devices)

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Thanks for your idea. Think you are right. Some options do work better on mobile. Though I see desktop improving. For example I can send an SMS on my Macbook (it uses my connected phone).

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