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Jack S.

The ability to recognize a customer who has already been on the site to facilitate contact. To maintain the continuity of contact, so that he would not have to write anew and fill in forms.

That he would feel taken care of.

Remembering user form data:
1) name
2) e-mail

In order to fill in forms for people who have used it before.

It can also be used to greet:
"Hello Jack again"

1 year ago


While this is a very good idea. It would go against Boei not using cookies. Because the cookies would save this kind of information.
Please let me know what you guys think!

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Jack S.

I like cookies. 🥮

Alternatively, you could use Pixel?? (Something that has, for example, Facebook).

Without cookies, it's going to be hard to do.
Unless there are other solutions to do so without cookies?

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