Rake (Omnichannel Chat) Integration

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Rake is a Omnichannel chat and team communication app currently on AppSumo.
Rake also allows for SMS communications with site visitors.

An integration with Rake would be superb as a LIVE CHAT option.

Rake can also handle communications from facebook messenger and GMB messenger on the backend. I believe Boei has FB messenger, but not sure about GMB (Google My Business) messages.

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Some kind of Multichannel, especially Unified Inbox would be great.

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This would be great!!! I came on the roadmap specifically to see if Rake will be included! Hope it will!

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Thanks Ruben. I let the Rake team know too about your product so they may reach out.

Rake is awesome for team communication and outside support. It has some great omnichannel support like GMB Messages coming soon. You can also integrate it with some 3rd party live support agents at a low price with BeeOpen. I'm super stoked about it.

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