Out of office for selected helpers

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When a user is selecting chat and you are not online, get an out of office message. Would be great to add a form directly there to contact by email.

Combine with: Determine time and days when Boei should go on away-mode because there is no one directly available to answer customers.

3 years ago


You can now set business hours and hide specific helpers when you are offline.
This helps to reduce phone calls or Whatsapp messages when you are sleeping.

Videos are easier to understand than text, so I made this video to explain how it works:

Helpers are hidden when you are out of office. This comes from a UX perspective: it is annoying to click something, only to find out that it's not available.

This feature is the most upvoted one to date, thanks for your votes 😍

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Thanks for your votes! This idea is planned to be done in March.

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