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Integration with both (booking app), this is an extremely good alternative to other booking apps.

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They were updating it regularly but stopped doing it on 9.2021. I asked them whether they continue developing the plugin Brindle Booking because I want to buy it on Appsumo, they didn't answer at all. On the next day, the plugin was removed from Appsumo by these developers. So I went with Amelia instead.

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Thanks for sharing, that is good to know!

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Synergetic SAS BIC

I believe this integration would be super easy to do, it just needs a class with: bb-js-trigger-popup

Please check here: under "Add Brindle Booking to your site with an existing button (or on Divi)"

In the meantime, for all brindle users, you can add a "Link" in Boei and create a page in your WordPress sites with the shortcode [bb-booking-module] and that will embed your Booking Widget on a page, that you can link in your Boei button 😀

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