Integrate with Google tag manager & Google analytics stats

🛠 Roadmap

Trigger click events for Boei interaction. Allow the option to use a custom tracker name.

Add documentation about how Boei can be installed using Google Tag Manager.

2 years ago

Adamski Orbimage

I know that Big G is a King but not everyone likes it and uses them. Can we add another analytics script? I personally use Clicky and also Hitsteps Analytics.

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For sure, feel free to add these as new feedback (hit the feedback button on the right top). Then people can vote for these 😀

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any update for this integration?

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this is live and you can track events in GA via GTM implementation

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@Deepak: Perfect is there documentation on this? Ok thanks!

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Yes, keen to have this! Cheers!

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Onduu LLC

Needs to have GTM integration

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to add to this, view events should be pushed as well for the app and opt in forms so opt in rates can be tracked. Also one thing to note is that GTM doesn't integrate with Shopify.

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Juanpablo Ecomm

it would great if it can track also which communication option the user chose aside from the interaction with the button

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Ruben changed status to 🛠 Roadmap

2 years ago

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