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Jack S.

Possibility to embed widgets pasted directly on the page in the code (IFRAME?).

So that you can use the forms directly on the page (as an insert in the page content).

Embed the Boei Form (Widgets):

  • Call Me Back Widget
  • Contact Form
  • Feedback Widget
  • Newsletter Signup

2 years ago


Please do so.. In many cases we cannot use js, but being able to embed would help us position the widget forms (helpers) in a custom as needed place. This would be of GREAT help to have.

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2 years ago


This seems a duplicate of: https://feedback.boei.help/p/⚙%EF%B8%8F-iframe-support-allow-to-embed-%3Ciframes%3E-g244WJ
I have added your vote there.

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Jack S.

This is about something else.

For example, I would like to be able to embed the Boei contact form directly on the website,
to replace other used ones.

So, the same as is but not in the popup.

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@Jack S.: You are right! Will move this idea to voting, thanks!

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