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Dynamically hide Boei

There are usecases when you want to hide the Boei button. For example during onboarding when you want to highlight a couple of elements.

Would be great to do something like this: this.boei.hide()


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It is now possible to hide Boei dynamically without any coding.

In the button's configuration page you can find a new setting "Hide on pages". With this you can determine on which page you don't want to show Boei.

Example A
Setting: /pricing
Boei will not load on the page that is yourdomain.com/pricing

You can also use wildcards (*).

Example B
Setting: /pricing*
Boei will not load on pages yourdomain.com/pricingpage and yourdomain.com/pricing_v2?abc

Boei will also review the URL query (e.g. ?id=2).

Example C
Setting: *no_boei
Boei will not load on pages yourdomain.com/?id=2&no_boei and yourdomain.com/pricing?fb=yes&no_boei

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