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It would be great if Boei buttons can be copied. This can be helpful for trying out changes, but also be helpful with sharing a button with someone else.

1 year ago

Synergetic SAS BIC

AWESOME! Thanks for releasing this! Can we choose the user to whom the duplicate will be assigned to, or is it only under the same user/sub?

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At the moment the button will be copied to the same account.
Feel free to email customer service if you want to move a button from the main to the subuser. We are happy to help 😀

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10 months ago


Ever wanted to test different variants of your button.
But getting tired of manually copy-pasting button and helper settings?
Now you can copy Boei buttons!
All your button and helper settings will be copied 🥳

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Would love to have it!

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Jack S.

👍 Duplicate a button

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1 year ago


It would be easy to just be able to copy a complete button (with its helpers inside), as sometimes you need very similar settings for the helpers. Now they still need to be created manually. Thanks and cheers, Ramon.

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1 year ago


I am thinking the following, do you agree?
Each button should have a private key that can be used to copy. If someone has the private key, the button can be copied. This way, someone can decide if they want to share their button.

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Sounds very good 👍🏻. Can't wait to copy some buttons 😃!

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