Contact Form - Custom Fields, Dropdown, & Attachments

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Would be great if we could add some custom fields to grab data such as Order no, and using a drop down field for the reason for contacting. Also, attachments would be awesome as a lot of the time I receive screenshots showing how something is not working.

2 years ago


Part of this is now available. It is possible to add up to 5 custom fields. See this item:

More to come but wanted to share this 😀

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Jack S.

👍 Contact Form - attach a file

Possibility to attach a file to mail.

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Callie Qyu

Would it be possible to integrate existing form plugins that we use? Like FluentForms?

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2 years ago


Thanks for your idea! I have added it to Boei’s wishlist. New integrations and features are being planned and built from that wishlist. I will look at the number of votes an idea have and prioritize based on that. You will get automatic emails to keep up to date about the progress 😀

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