Close Boei button when a Link is clicked

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Gary Gordon

After a user clicks on the LINK helper item (if the link is not opening up to a "new" page) the BOEI icon should collapse). Currently, if a user clicks on the LINK helper item, and if the link is on the same page, the BOEI remains open and requires the user to click on the X to close it. It would be an improvement to the UI if the BOEI icon would collapse immediately (in all cases) once the link is clicked on.

1 year ago

Aksel Media Digital

agree. please implement this

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100% on this. When linking to pricing section near the bottom of the page this would be very useful 👍

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Ruben changed status to 🛠 Roadmap

1 year ago


Thanks for your request! I can understand the struggle. This is something that we can do faster because it is something that we didn't thought about before. This is added to Boei’s roadmap.

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