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There is product called: Call Now Button. I was happy to find that Boei can do the same with Direct Call. However, it is not the same, after all, but a bit annoying. The problem I have is when I click Call button, then it shows popup with button label in spite of indication to skip when there is only one label. This popup is followed by proper one with phone number or a message to switch app. (depends on browser). Would it be possible to have real direct call without need to display Label, whose name must be given during set up?
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Another thing. Hide out of office. Very confusing. However, it doesn't hide but the icon become unresponsive as it was broken. In my opinion it should even not show on the page.

Phone number with country code.
Wehn I put to website in Japanese for Japanese only prospects, they may not want to call, because it shows +81 following by local prefix. So for Tokyo is 03 and this way I want to see, not +81 3. Would it be possible to hbe able to input number without country code if we target specific country?

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This is what I meant:
"Skip the list of channels when there is only one channel". It still shows label though.

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