Animation of the icon - so to grab attention - or spark or something ?

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When using intercome, crisp, etc - if support is online - there's green dot - and the icon is animated - I have learnt with Boei, the icon is too static and visitors do not click on it @:(

2 years ago


You can now get more attention to your buttons with animations 🍿

  • Unread notification badge
  • Glowing border
  • Auto open the button

Go to settings > attention to enable one of them

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Gary Gordon

This is awesome!!! Thank you. - Gary

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Philippe Ruaudel

Hi Ruben, is there a way to stop this "attention process" to be done one time and not restarted on each page of the site when the visitor navigate through the website ?

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10 months ago

Jack S.


Icon encouraging to chat via Chat.
You have 1 unread message.
Appearing after some time (eg. 30 seconds)


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Kerwin Co

When the boei button is clicked the helpers should pop-up in a more graceful manner instead of it abruptly poping up. All the chat widget i've seen have some level of animation when poping up. This is quite important imho.

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2 years ago


For the meantime, please know that you can now use a GIF image with Boei. This can certainly help to get attention I think 😀

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2 years ago


Thanks for your idea! I have added it to Boei’s wishlist. New integrations and features are being planned and built from that wishlist. We will look at the number of votes an idea have and prioritize based on that. You will get automatic emails to keep up to date about the progress 😀

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